OK, let’s keep this one as broad as possible. There are so many interesting things to do. Reunion 2014 included an event called “Ambassadors for Lifelong Engagement.” Ambassadors talking about their craft, hobby, or project included: Dennis Miller, Robotics; Scott Jamieson, Astronomy; Paul Froehling, Genealogy; and Lou Davit, Solar Panel project. Interesting discussions were had with each ambassador.

Do you have an interest you would like to share? Please pass it along. You can send a link to it by email to with a brief comment on why you have found it of value. Thanks for your help.

Crafts & Hobby Resources great resource to learn about your family background, and maybe some history too! There is a limited free access along with fee services.

FIRST Robotics a combination of volunteering and opportunity to get involved with robotics

Milwaukee Astronomical Society this is Scott’s club. Is there a group in your area?

Midwest Renewable Energy Association These folks are really into renewable energy. It is a great place to check it out. They have an annual Energy Fair in Custer, WI and sponsor tours, training sessions. This is a great place to start.



General ‘How To’ Resources Online

WikiHow – to do anything! Just type your question into the search box. you ask and find answers here It is quite likely that someone in the world has asked your question before, and made a video of the solution they found. There is just about everything in video today. Focus on your question. Type the question on the search box to find the video that will show you the answer.

Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia It’s even more likely that someone has written a piece on your topic of interest. Find it here. Use topic keywords to get around. It is written by users from around the world.