Learning never gets old. If it’s learning about something new or developing a new skill, there are few better ways to remain engaged with life. Here are a few resources for you to consider.

There are certainly some in your local area, no matter where you live. Please send us  a link to your favorite resource. You can pass it along by email to with a brief comment on why you have found it of value. Thanks for your help.


Online Learning Resources

Kahn Academy set up for schools, but you may find something of interest here also.

MOOC List free online courses for everyone

Udemy a place to learn real world skills online

STEM Education/ Free Computer Science Classes as compiled by The Simple Dollar

College/University Based Programs

Manfred Olson Planetarium UW Milwaukee a resource to explore the universe and enjoy the journey!

Computer Science Online a resource to explore career options in the computer sciences for the Greater Good a resource to explore online college degree options

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute National Resource Center a spectrum of resources for lifelong learning across the U.S.

 Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes Map to locate institutes in the U.S. There is at least one site per state. There are a broad set of activities, and they vary across the institutes

Wisconsin Associations for Lifelong Learning locations throughout Wisconsin offering learning opportunities for seniors. Please submit the site for your state to broaden our resources.

UWM Osher Lifelong Learning Osher Institute available in the Greater Milwaukee area..