Thank You Brian & Richard

Your WSJ Society is going through a transition at our Treasurer position.  This is a vital role in our organization and the records must be kept accurately.  While we are not a large complex organization, we are incorporated, which necessitates a certain amount of formality in our processes.

On behalf of the whole Society, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brian Bould for his many years of service to our group as our Treasurer.  He has been on our board since 2009 and took over the Treasurer role from Bonnie Lenz in 2013. He has dutifully kept our financial records in good order for the last 11 years.  To the best of my knowledge everything has always ran smoothly, and the finances have always been accurate.

Thank You Brian!


Thankfully our Richard Schreiner has stepped forward and is willing to take on this role going forward. He has filled a similar role in one or more other organizations and should be very able to transition into our Treasurer role. You will be sending future payment for luncheons and dues to him as of now.

Thank You Richard!


This does mean you will see at least a few changes. The Grafton P.O. Box rental will be expiring soon and so you should no longer be sending anything to it. Since Richard lives in Milwaukee we have moved to:

WSJ Society

P.O. Box 510105

Milwaukee WI 53203.

Make sure to use this for any future financial interactions with our society.

Thank them as well,

Gene Strehlow