Reunion 2014: Meet-up at HQ

September 27, 2014

It was a beautiful Fall day in Milwaukee, sunny and warm. This was the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the WSJ Society, time to celebrate and review!

Meet-up at HQ was hosted at Corporate Headquarters. We gathered over breakfast, caught a quick tour of the campus and settled in to meet CEO Alex Molinaroli. Alex took us through the vision for Johnson Controls business future and the strategies in place to get there. That’s a lot of change! After his presentation, Alex opened the floor to questions. There were a lot of them. What a great exchange it was! From global business issues to retirement issues, Alex took the time to make sure we understood the logic and facts. The members present came away with a very healthy respect for Alex, the plan for the company. All appreciated the time and energy he gave us on this Saturday morning.

At 25-years, it’s time to review. Our next event was a short brainstorm led by Emily Callaghan to consider just what the WSJ Society might become in the next 25 years. Emily is a professional at getting ideas out of people. She gave us a great start, let’s continue the discussion. Look for more information in the and stories in the Newsletter. Your ideas are required!

The final event of the Meet-up was something new, we called it “Ambassadors of Lifelong Engagement.” The idea was to share experiences. This is a ‘wisdom of the crowd’ kind of thing, ‘no one of us knows more than all of us’ we can learn from each other. It was great! This is another discussion we should continue here at and in the Newsletter. One of the services we can offer our members who are still in-career at Johnson Controls is our experience in preparing for and living in retirement.

We closed the day over dinner and dancing to the music of the One More Time band at the Italian Conference Center. A good day with old friends and some new friends with whom we shared the day. See you at Reunion 2016!

Look for more stories on the reunion in the News and Newsletter. But first, enjoy the photos we took in the Gallery below: (All the good pictures are thanks to Ron Kuta, those that may be a bit blurry or out of focus are thanks to Jude Anders)

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