Welcome to the WSJ Society Photo Gallery.

The Photo Gallery is a set of photo collections taken at WSJ Society activities. Many of these have been published in the Newsletter at the time of the event. We thought you might like to have them displayed in an easily accessible way. Check them out!

Per good policy, none of these photos are taken from member profiles or postings in the Members Only section of WSJSociety.com, except with that member’s permission.

Do you have photos that you would like to share? Maybe you have photos of a company event from years past, or a current activity with members. Please submit them for posting in the Photo Gallery. Contact the Editor at Help@WSJSociety.com to make arrangements. Digital or hardcopy pictures are OK. We will work a way for you to share them.

Now, just take you time and enjoy yourself in our Photo Gallery.

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Special Exhibits

The “Who do you Know” Collection

Golf Outing 2017/ Time for some fun!

Robots in School! See the Dennis Miller Collection . . .


Reunion/WSJ Society Milwaukee 2018

Reunion/WSJ Society Milwaukee 2016

Reunion/WSJ Society Milwaukee 2014

Reunion/SECD-W Dallas 2013

Reunion/SECD-E Philadelphia 2013

Reunion/WSJ Society Milwaukee 2012

Reunion/WSJ Society Milwaukee 2010


Annual Collections

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Photos 2019

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Photos/ 2017

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