It’s Time to Move On

Since the start of in 2012 I’ve enjoyed being the editor, getting to know all of you better, and helping out where we could all do something good.

However, the time has come to move along. As of the July 15, our election meeting, I will be leaving my role as website editor and Board Member, Communications.

I do want to thank all of you for your support over the years, especially those who offered comments on the website and Newsletter articles. Whether positive or negative, there are no bad comments — they are each an opportunity to get better.

Unfortunately, there is no current replacement for website editor. I urge one or, better, several of our members to step in to take on the role. Fitting in the post-pandemic workplace, this role is one that can succeed with an entirely remote workforce and the pandemic experience has taught us how to work as a team via ZOOM or any of those dispersed meeting services. That might be an excellent way to reconnect with friends and do some good for the members along the way.

Consider this as an opportunity to contribute to members who you shared career experiences at JCI. The website and membership will certainly benefit from your fresh ideas and insight. For the next year, I will be available to post material on the site and help a new team take over.

Thank you for your support and best wishes,