Autumn Luncheon, Milwaukee
Thursday, October 15, 2015

3041 N. Mayfair Road

Cost: $16.00

11:00 AM Gather – 11:45 AM Lunch – 1:00 PM  Program

Menu Selections

Dessert – ice cream sundae



WSJ Society Member Dennis Miller will present “When an Engineer and Nature Photography Converge”.

Photography today is a mix of historic ‘traditions’ and the application of modern technology. After retiring Dennis started walking in the Milwaukee County Wehr Nature Center with a basic camera to photograph wildlife and nature’s beauty. As this casual relationship between photography and walking for exercise developed, the limitations of a ‘simple’ camera became apparent. In addition, questions arose about the capabilities modern photographic equipment and methods have that would enable us to ‘see’ the world as many creatures see it. Specifically, how can humans see, at least in a general sense, what birds, insects, snakes and other animals ‘see’? The different types of cameras and equipment used will be reviewed along with some of the photographic images that have resulted from this journey.

This will cover:

1) photography from ultraviolet (300 nanometer(nm)) to near infrared (900 nm wavelengths),
2) thermal photography from 1000 nm to 15000 nm wavelengths,
3) photography when things happen too fast to see and,
4) photography when there is almost no light (.1 lux .. moonlight).


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