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Project Description: Update (Update 1/2/2016)


Project Update will follow the Lean Startup Process to set our focus on the needs and interests of our members. We’ll start with constructing a current Business Model Canvas for the WSJ Society to examine the role and effectiveness of as it is currently designed. From there we will start our discovery process, exploring member needs and interests, testing how might better address those interests.

Along the way, we’ll learn about tools used today to support business startups e.g.the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas. We’ll get into the website design and ways we can use it better. That will get us into some neat technology e.g. WordPress, BuddyPress, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. To measure our progress, we’ll be talking to members and get into some Google Analytics. How’s that for some fun with technology?

If the technology is not your thing, don’t worry. As was always the case with our products at Johnson Controls, the value of technology was derived from its impact on people. We need insight into member interests to drive this project. And, you are a member right?

So, you’re qualified!  Please send us your ideas Join the Discussion just click on the link and send a Message to the Editor.

Project references are listed below to allow you to track the progress of the project or catch up and join in at any time.



WSJ Society Business Model Canvas

BMC_Image_1Notebook: WSJ Society Business Model  (Updated 1/30/2016) WSJ Society business model development compilation

Business Model Canvas Form  Business Model Canvas (PDF file)

Intro to Business Model Canvas  Introduction and reference links to support your use of the Business Model Canvas

WSJ Society Current Practice  Summary facts and statistics on the current state of the WSJ Society, its members and services




Value Proposition Canvas — Milwaukee Alum Group/ Maggies

Value Proposition Canvas — Rest of World Alums/ Rowdies

Value Proposition Canvas — Members In-Career/ Mickeys

Intro to Value Proposition Canvas Introduction to the VP Canvas

Value Proposition Canvas Form Blank VP Canvas (PDF file)

Refer to Notebook: WSJ Society Business Model above for backup information. Website Design

Website screen captureNotebook: Website Design (Upload 03/13/2016) Background on WordPress and current design summary. Added Test & Learn Trials #1 – #3 to get us started on the learning process.

Test & Learn Progress Board will be used to track our performance.

What are your ideas for improving the website? Send us a note: Join the Discussion anytime.





GA_TnailNotebook: Analytics (Upload 1/17/2016) website performance monitoring — to-date only a statement of purpose