Membership Eligibility

The Warren S. Johnson Society is a volunteer social group whose members share the bond of a career at Johnson Controls. Candidates for membership include current employees, alums, and retirees from all business units past and present. The bylaws set eligibility as any person who:

Enrollment and dues

If you are eligible for membership, you can apply for enrollment online or by mail.

Enroll by Mail

To apply for membership by mail, download and complete the form: Membership Information/Enrollment Form and send it with your payment of dues to the address given below. After receipt of your application and verification of eligibility you will be enrolled as a member of the Society and notified. At the time of notification you will be able to register and login to WSJSociety.com/Members Only using the Member Login button on the Home page. It will allow you to register on the website and set up your username and password for future access to WSJSociety.com.

Enroll Online

To get immediate access to WSJSociety.com/Members only, use the online application provided at the link below.  After a check of your information, and response to a confirming email, you will be registered on the site with the username and password you selected in completing the form. You will then be able to login using the Members Login.

Note: On-line enrollment only works for “Temporary” on-line membership access. On-line access automatically times out after 90 days.

To fully enroll as a member the Enrollment Form or its information must be mailed in along with dues payments within the 90 day limit. Should your application be denied, please submit a request for Help (available on the top blue bar on the Home page). The issue may be with our records. We will do the research and contact you via reply email. 

Dues for Society Membership

There are two options for dues payment to maintain society membership and access to WSJSociety.com/Members Only:

  1. Submit $5 USD/ year for a one or multiple year Membership, or
  2. Submit $50 USD for a Lifetime membership.

Newsletter Subscription

As of January 1, 2020, there is a charge of $6 USD/year for hardcopy mailing of the quarterly newsletter.

Options for newsletter access Include:

  1.  Mailing of hardcopy, an Annual Newsletter Subscription$6 USD/ year
  2.  Newsletter via email, Quarterly Newsletter via Email No Charge

Or, regardless of selection, the newsletter is available in the Newsletter Archive. — No Charge

Choose your options and send a check payable to “WSJ Society” to:

WSJ Society
PO Box 1425
Grafton, WI 53024

If you have a question on dues, please contact our Treasurer at:

Phone: 262-377-6251
Email: bbould@att.net

Now if you are ready,

Enroll Online