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At The Hub you will find links to help you  get connected to friends, the society, and the company. Like many interchanges in Milwaukee, The Hub is currently under construction. Please pardon any clutter that may get in your way. Unlike road construction projects, we are very interested in your thoughts on our progress and ideas you may have for improving service. Just click on that Help button in the top right of the page to send us an email. Thanks for taking the time to help. Now, let’s get started with connections.


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In the left column you will find a set of links called Quick Connects. They will get you to some of the most frequently visited pages on WSJSociety.com. They are included on a number of pages to help you navigate to sites of interest to you:

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Upcoming Events will get you to the latest information on planned society events

News has a continuing stream of updates on people we know, society events and activities, and opportunities that may well be just right for you.

Photo Gallery has a growing collection of images of members doing their thing — check it out!

JCI in the News provides several sources for the latest on Johnson Controls

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While you are here in the public section of WSJSociety.com, you might checkout some of the interesting elements from the LEARN segment. They might help you (re-)connect with the WSJ Society and Johnson Controls.

JCI Archive enjoy stories of the people and companies that have contributed to Johnson Controls today

JCI Archive Timeline scroll past the recent posts to find the archive stories displayed in time order

WSJSociety.com Update/Project Page

Are you interested in joining a team to improve our website? You don’t need to know how to program. We need all skills and as a member you already know something we want to learn — How can the website better serve our members? You can join anytime. We’re tracking the project and posting all information on the project site. Check it out at:

WSJSociety.com Update/ Project Page

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