What’s your JCI story?

What do retirees talk about when we get together?

There are several things, but interesting personal memories of past JCI stories are one of the things that many of us have in common. They often trigger old memories in others and probably get a bit embellished along the way, to sound a little bit more exciting or humorous. That is what we would like to encourage you to do. Dust off some of the rust in the old memory banks, sit back with your favorite refreshment at hand, and envision a table with 3 of your fellow old timers at JCI around it, what memory would you share when it is your turn?

Here’s one to start the juices flowing.

Here is a neck tie that hung in my office coat hook for decades. It was back in the days when we were “Always wearing ties in Milwaukee”. It was known by many Field Office visitors that this tie was available for that surprise meeting they got invited to when they didn’t have a neck tie with them. They had to be desperate enough to wear it. It would disappear from my coat hook for a few hours, but always come back. I don’t even know the source of this tie, but I’m pretty sure it came from someone who had jumped ship and joined JCI sometime in the past. To the best of my knowledge, I never heard of anyone taking heat for wearing it. Who reads ties anyway? Maybe it was old enough that nobody knew there was a piece of contraband in the room. Or they were too unsure to call it out as such. (They didn’t know Delta wasn’t us). I recall a few folks who used this tie more than once. John E. from Denver, and Russ R. from Jersey are both now gone. I’ll not mention other possible users to protect the guilty that are still on the green side of the grass, but may not want to admit participation in shenanigans such as this.

There’s a story that may trigger one of your own. It could be historical, informative, humorous, respectful, or any other publishable form. Your fellow retirees have asked to hear more.



P.S. It’s a Honeywell tie. 😉