Intelligent Seat System

Johnson Controls unveils new “intelligent” automotive seat system

May 17, 1995 (PD: 201405)

A Johnson Controls press release from May 17, 1995 announced the development of a new intelligent vehicle seat that automatically adjusted to the driver’s body characteristics. The prototype self-positioning seat system was introduced that same day at the Automotive & Transportation Interiors ’95 Exhibition and Conference in Detroit.

With the use of advanced sensors, a microprocessor, software, anthropometric comfort and safety data, and integrated motors, the innovative seat system could automatically sense the driver’s weight and height, analyze the data, and move the seat base, seat back, and headrest to the optimum positions for safety and comfort.

According to Johnson Controls executive director of engineering, Bob Velanovich, the self-positioning seat system “was a significant advance beyond driver-adjusted memory seats.  The system … removes the driver’s guesswork – and the risk that the seat is not set correctly.”


Intelligent Seat System


Johnson Controls’ Automotive Group’s i-Seating brochure from the late 1990s