Lincoln Continental by Pikeville, TN

Johnson Controls awarded Ford contract for auto window regulators

October 6, 1987 (PD: 201410)

The October 6, 1987 issue of the Johnson Controls newsletter Briefing reported that Ford Motor Company had awarded the company a contract for $20.4 million in window regulator business.

The window regulators would be produced at the Pikeville, Tennessee plant over a three-year period beginning in 1988 with the Lincoln Continental.  Other models involved were the 1989 Thunderbird/Cougar, the 1990 Lincoln Town Car, and the 1990 Ford Bronco II.

Today (and with a far greater product line than in 1987), Johnson Controls continues to supply Ford Motor Company with automotive seating and interiors.


Continental 1988

The 1988 Lincoln Continental, which used window regulators supplied by Johnson Controls