Batteries for Industrial Trucks

Globe-Union’s new Poly Cell battery

Globe Poly Cell Battery Ad

Ad for Globe-Union’s Poly Cell battery from the early 1970s

March 17, 1970 (PD: 201303)

An American Metal Market article published March 17, 1970 reported that W. D. Soderland, vice president of the Globe-Union Battery Division’s marketing and sales group, announced the immediate pilot production of an industrial truck battery line. The application of the new battery line was to be primarily in materials handling equipment, such as battery electric forklift trucks.

The new Poly Cell battery featured wider than industry standard plates to improve industrial truck performance, as well as improved internal components, unbreakable seamless poly jars (to eliminate possible leaks and provide additional electrolyte), and the use of a poly bridge to support the plates.

In 1971, the Poly Cell went into full production as prospective sales were boosted by the U. S. Bureau of Mines’ approval of the battery for use in various coal-mining applications.

Poly Cell battery production was ultimately discontinued by 1976.  Johnson Controls’ acquisition of Globe-Union in 1978 marked the company’s entrance into the automotive battery business.