CHAIN DSC-8500 Network

CHAIN software links DSC-8500 with IBM PC

September 1, 1983 (PD: 201609)

chain-brochure-1983The September 1, 1983 edition of the Johnson Controls newsletter Briefing announced the introduction of Computerized Head-end Access Information Network (CHAIN) software that linked the company’s DSC-8500 remote digital system controller with an IBM personal computer.

CHAIN expanded the monitoring and control capabilities of the DSC-8500, a microprocessor-based, field-programmable device designed to provide precise control and energy management functions for HVAC systems.

Previously, CHAIN software had been used to link IBM personal computers with the company’s Power Perfect energy management systems.  CHAIN software was user-friendly, which enabled building maintenance personnel with limited technical backgrounds to operate the system.

The PC-based systems offered customers centralized control at lower cost and capability level.