FMS a new business for JCI

FMS begins operation and maintenance of commercial facilities

The ARCO Oil and Gas Company Building in Dallas, Texas was a Facility Management Services commercial customer in 1990

June 18, 1990 (PD: 201711)

June 18, 1990 marked the official start of Johnson Controls Facility Management Services’ (FMS) entry into the business of operating and maintaining commercial facilities.  FMS was formed as an outgrowth of Johnson Controls’ purchase of Pan Am World Services in 1989, which formed Johnson Controls World Services.  World Services had forty years of experience in the operation and maintenance of government and airport installations.

FMS was intended to handle facilities maintenance for commercial buildings.  At first, FMS targeted corporate-owned facilities, but soon expanded its customer base to include industrial and educational accounts.  The core services of FMS were fulltime, onsite operation and maintenance of a building’s mechanical, electrical, and HVAC systems.  FMS could also perform a full set of additional non-technical services for customers including food service, security, custodial, administrative, and road and grounds maintenance.

The FMS business grew rapidly in the 1990s, as more businesses outsourced non-essential services and FMS was one of the few experienced, single-source providers of such services.  At its beginning, FMS had fewer than ten workers and only one project, but by 1994, there were 3,500 FMS employees in 250 different projects around the world.