Gel/Cell Battery Introduced

Johnson Controls introduces new 12-volt Gel/Cell battery

March 31, 1982 (PD: 201603)

gell-cell-1982The Seaway Review Quarterly from March 31, 1982 reported that the Globe Battery Division of Johnson Controls was offering a new maintenance-free, 55 amp hour, 12-volt Gel/Cell battery.

The rechargeable lead-acid battery was manufactured for use in either deep-cycle or stand-by power applications.  It was designed as an ideal power source for uninterruptible power systems, emergency lighting, wheelchairs, and material handling devices.  It could also be used for starting engines and electric trolling motors.

The batteries were sold alone, or as part of a system of two or more of the batteries with racks, interconnect buss-bars, and hardware.

Johnson Controls’ specialty battery business (including Gel/Cell) was sold to C & D Technologies in 1999.