Intertec Systems JV

Johnson Controls’ and Inoac’s new joint venture, Intertec Systems

February 22, 1996 (PD: 201402)

Intertec Systems Logo

The Intertec Systems logo

It was announced on February 22, 1996 that Johnson Controls and Inoac Corporation of Nagoya, Japan, agreed to form a new joint venture called Intertec Systems, which would be the second-largest independent instrument panel supplier to the North American auto market.  The two companies were to be equal partners in the new enterprise, which would manufacture a variety of interior components, including instrument panels, for Chrysler, General Motors, Mitsubishi and Toyota.  It would also produce passenger-side air bag doors for Fiat and Ford.

“Johnson Controls is becoming the global technology leader in automotive interiors,” said John Barth, executive vice president of Johnson Controls.  “Forming the new joint venture is the latest in a series of strategic business moves we’ve undertaken to make this happen.”

Inoac, a pioneer in the polyurethane industry in Japan, had, at that time, thirty years of experience in automotive applications of rubber, polyurethane and plastic.  It was the largest independent supplier of instrument panels to the Japanese auto market, making products for almost every automaker based in Japan, while achieving sales worldwide of $2 billion in 1995.