Metasys Steals the Show

Johnson Controls unveils Metasys to the public

February 12, 1990 (PD: 201602)


The February 1990 edition of the Johnson Controls newsletter Monitoring the Field trumpets the introduction of the company’s new building control system, Metasys

Johnson Controls introduced its new Metasys line of building controls products at the International Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigerating Exposition held in Atlanta on February 12, 1990.

The revolutionary Metasys was (and still is) a complete system for managing all aspects of a commercial building including environmental control, energy management, lighting control, fire management, and security. For the first time, every part of a facilities management system could communicate with every other part, while operators could easily access information and make changes at any Network Control Unit in the system.

Because the system was composed of modular components that could be simply plugged into or removed from a base frame, Metasys could be readily custom-tailored to a customer’s precise needs by using the appropriate modules.

Planning and development of Metasys had been underway for years under the code name Lobo.  Customers around the world were interviewed to determine what they wanted in a facilities management system.  To meet these expectations, the Lobo/Metasys team had to explore new technologies in computer software, circuit board packaging, and communication networks.

The company’s Metasys exhibit at the Atlanta Exposition stole the show.  Brad Gill, Denver Marketing and Sales Manager, observed, “People viewing our exhibit commented that Metasys gives them today, what they had hoped to see only in the future.”