Monitoring the Field Vol 16 No 11


Monitoring the Field Vol 16 No 11

November 1, 1972 (PD: 201802)

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International all the way, A.C. Buffalano, International Division and Mr. Muneharu Maeda, Saginomiya Johnson Controls;

Doug Decker, Salt Lake City Branch and vice-president elect for the ISA District 8;

Who’s who on Factory Row? That would be G.R. Ranganath, VP & GM of Standard Electric Time Corp.

Mr. R.J. Kirkpatrick, Wichita Office, receives a plaque recognizing his 50 YEAR’s service with Johnson Controls. He started as a helper on a high school job in Arkansas City, Kansas in 1922! He progressed to ‘resident mechanic’ in central Kansas. As a surprise, the award was presented to him by Mr. Frank Shepard who originally hired R.J.!

Robert Kleffman, Installation Mechanic, retires after 23 years of service. His last job was completing the temperature control installation on the 21-story First National Bank and Office building of Omaha.

You could build a pretty good company with folks like these!