Stationary Battery/ Back-up Power

Johnson Controls Battery Division lands large contract

January 27, 1982 (PD: 201601)

stationary-battery-1982On January 27, 1982, it was announced that the Johnson Controls Battery Division (today’s Power Solutions business unit) landed its first power generation plant installation exclusive to the Globe stationary battery.

The $350,000 contract called for seven battery systems to serve as back-up power for Indiana and Michigan Electric Company’s plant, then under construction in Rockport, Indiana, southwest of Indianapolis.

Stationary batteries were produced by the Battery Division’s Industrial Products Group (IPG), which also made Gel/Cell batteries.  Weighing up to 500 pounds, stationary batteries were designed for standby power applications to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

Typical uses for the units were for telephones, data processing equipment, microwave communications, cable TV, and emergency lighting.