Stories by Ken Wirth — Thanks Ken

The stories by week of company history were provided by Ken Wirth, Sr Mgr, Records and Archives Project. Ken is located at Corporate Headquarters in Glendale.

We refer to Ken as the company historian, but he does lots more. Ken has supported the society before, notably at Reunion 2010. So much so, that he is an ‘ex-officio’ member!

The stories repeated here were originally published on the company portal. They show the breadth and richness of our history, the combined experiences of all the companies that make-up today’s Johnson Controls.

Ken is continuing to provide us with more stories. Check “From the Archives” regularly to see more.

Thanks Ken for making these available to the members of the WSJ Society.

Something Special about the Display

The stories in the Johnson Controls Timeline are displayed with the most recent first, by date of their original publication or date of the event. This places all of the stories into time order from William Plankinton, profile dated from his birth in 1844 to A Quick Review originally posted in August, 2013.

This creates a very interesting story line on the creation and evolution of Johnson Controls. It includes stories on the the companies who contributed their expertise and resources to the success of Johnson Controls. Some businesses remain major components of Johnson Controls today, others have been integrated or separated from today’s business. However, each played a role in the success of today’s Johnson Controls. The story is both interesting and educational. Entrepreneurs? — you’ll find them making their contribution from the very beginning.

Enjoy the story