Autumn Luncheon — What bees see!

November 7, 2015

Speaker Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller, Speaker

There is no more question about it.

If you were at the Autumn Luncheon you know not only what bees see, and how they do it; you also know what mechanism can be used to create the same view for us.

Dennis Miller was always creative as leader of (BE) Research in his career. In retirement he’s really let his imagination loose. He’s shared his research and insights with us on robotics and now the science of vision with a kicker of nature photography to boot.

His presentation after lunch was a big hit, in depth, with two table displays of his photography for all to see. Check out the photos below for a view of his work.

Thanks Dennis for another very interesting presentation.

But wait!

Even before Dennis’ presentation, we all got to meet six first-time attendees at our luncheon. That’s six new participants at one meeting. They included Bill Hable, Ken Davis, Judy Pederson, Craig Roush, Jim Zander, and Jim Botic.

There was something about the group of participants at this meeting. Some haven’t been around for awhile, and there was a good mix of career experiences, Building Efficiency, Power Solutions, Milwaukee Branch Office, and Judy worked at the Madison Controls/ AT&T Project. It was good to re-connect with everyone. It made a beautiful Fall in Milwaukee all the better.

Now, I’ll bet that if you would come to the Winter Luncheon in January we could even heat up a cold winter day in Milwaukee!

Submitted by Jude Anders


Bill Hable, Ken Davis, Judy Pederson

Bill Hable, Ken Davis, Judy Pederson

Craig Roush, Jim Zander, Jim Botic

Craig Roush, Jim Zander, Jim Botic









Group-1 (1024x464)

Lots of Conversation


Group-2 (1024x483)








Display-1 (1024x683)

Table display to Demo the Concepts


Display-2 (1024x683)

Infrared for night vision, filters to change spectrum — How we can see like other creatures.










Display-3 (1024x683)

Then, some neat shots of nature by Dennis.


Display-5 (1024x683)

He’s also a Guide at the Boerner Botanical Garden.










Display-6 (1024x683)

Amazed at what critters do!



Display-7 (1024x683)

How’s that for coordination?