Ban Capron/Thinking of Milwaukee

July 12, 2015

Ban Capron has been thinking about Milwaukee and says hi to all! Here’s a note he sent to share:

Charlie and Ban Capron Elementary School

Maryland Avenue School, Milwaukee

Some of you do not know (thinking perhaps New York or Texas), but I was born in Milwaukee. Went to Kindergarten and 1st Grade at the Maryland Avenue School.

Never heard of Johnson Controls until I joined the company while living in Pittsburgh at the time. My grandfather’s next door neighbor was Harry Ellis (past CEO of Johnson Controls).


P.S. And, to recall the great times to be had in summer, in Milwaukee, Ban sent along a link to this C-Span video:

“A Day in Old Milwaukee”

It tells the story of the Circus Parade. It’s dated 1960. Remember? Click on the title and enjoy recalling the story!

Thanks for sharing your memories and the video Ban.