Blue Sky Involve: Earth Day 2015

May 5, 2015


Blue Sky Involve Milwaukee: Project #1


Tools are ready . . .EarthDay 2015-1 (1024x682)







Johnson Controls is on site . . . EarthDay 2015-2 (1024x478)





EarthDay 2015-3 (1024x682)

Tasks set, teams formed, work in progress . . .







By mid-day works done . . . EarthDay 2015-4 (1024x683)







Kletzsch Park looks great, ready for summer fun . . .



And thank-you Karen and the Blue Sky Involve Team for inviting the members of the WSJ Society to participate in Blue Sky Involve projects this year.

Here’s one old dude that had a great time in the park with a bunch of fantastic people from Johnson Controls . . .

EarthDay 2015-5 (683x1024)


. . . not to confuse you, I was referring to the dude on the right obviously! It was great to connect with Clay Nesler again.

There were also Earth Day teams from Johnson Controls at Pere Marquette and McCarty Parks. I expect they had similar results . . . good work, good time, and good contribution to community.

Here’s the WISN-TV Story on the event: Johnson Controls Employees Work Outside for Earth Day.

Blue Sky Involve Projects will be reviewed and selected this month so check back for Blue Sky Involve Project Alerts on the Home page. I highly recommend working with current employees on projects they create to contribute to our communities.

Submitted by: Jude Anders