Corporate Sustainability at the Fall Luncheon

November 17, 2017

Johnson Controls Corporate Sustainability … and More!

Gil (r) and Linda (l) preparing for the presentation — a dynamic duo!


We met two particularly special people from the company at the Fall Luncheon (October 19), and they’re doing some particularly special work … on a global scale.

Gil Cubia, Director, Global Community Involvement & Engagement was our speaker for the luncheon. Linda Van Straten, Community Involvement Specialist, Public Affairs joined Gil to share the message of contribution to create safe, smart, and secure communities.

In her presentation, Gil gave us an overview of Corporate Sustainability Initiatives at Johnson Controls. (You can get updates at:

The numbers are big as might be expected from a large, multi-national company, $14 million contributed in 2016 and perhaps more important, 1.2 million employee volunteer hours contributed globally. And, there’s a goal to make that 2.5 million employee volunteer hours by 2020. Those hours make sustainability up-close-and-personal for employees and the people in their communities. That’s really good stuff!

A great Q/A session followed the presentation.

We learned that the workplace giving programs are being improved. Those include the annual campaigns for United Way, UPAF, and UNCF. For instance, K-12 has been added to eligible Education institutions.

Retirees are invited to participate in these programs as you may already know. You can find the latest information at the corporate website and we’ll keep the link to the Matching Gift Program at to help you stay current.

Corporate Sustainability at Johnson Controls also includes Environmental and STEM Leadership Programs as well as Disaster Relief. How about Fire & Protection for the informal settlements that exist around many third world cities? There’s good work being done here!

Gil started her talk by noting that her visit with us had been in the works for about a year and that she was grateful for being asked to share her message with us. Thanks to the Gil’s commitment and the persistence of the Program team, Janet and Jim, members at the luncheon were treated to a positive story of good work being done by the Johnson Controls community. I’m very grateful that Gil and Linda took the time to share the story with us, a sentiment shared by all present.

Thanks to you Gil and Linda.

Skip Wick — back together again!

On top of all of that, we got to welcome Skip Wick for the first time at the luncheon. Skip was with the Quality Systems group during his career. It was great to see you again Skip.

Please remember, we are all better together …

Jude Anders

VP Communications