Donor Advised Fund Donations — Matched! — Update

March 7, 2017


Update May 16, 2017

Please note, that the program was apparently changed in April and back-dated to be effective as of January 1, 2017. Check the updated criteria at the link below.

The story below, originally published March 7, 2017, was based upon information  available to us at that time.  Apparently the guideline has changed.

In particular, “Program Exclusions” on page 2 includes “Donor Advised Funds” as one of those excluded sources.

The current guidelines, dated January 1, 2017,  provide an updated statement of the program, now identified as the Safe & Smart Matching Gift Program. (click on the title to view the updated guidelines and application form.)

The form is also available on the Johnson Controls International website at: Philanthropy and Social Responsibility

Story as Published March 7, 2017

Are you aware that donations made through your Donor Advised Fund can be matched by the Foundation? Yes they can, but it is important to note that the donation is coming from a Johnson Controls retiree on the donation form.

Here’s a procedure that President Gene Strehlow has been using successfully:

Johnson Controls matching funds for a Donor Advised Fund donation

This process has worked flawlessly for multiple charities and for several years.

It is important for the Foundation to know that the contribution is coming from a Johnson Controls retiree on the donation form so the match can be applied.

Thanks Gene!

OH, and here’s the link for you to download the Matching Gift Form. (Note, outdated link disconnected)

And here’s more information on Policies and Guidelines for Making Contributions (Note, outdated link disconnected)