Fall Luncheon 2019

November 10, 2019

Event Date: October 17, 2019

“Follow the dog-walker, not the dog!”

You may have noticed on your walks in the park, as I have, some dogs stay close to their walkers with good discipline, others sniff here and there, do some business on this side of the path, then the other. In the end though both types of dogs know that if they follow the dog walker home they’ll get fed. So, if you want to see where they’re going, follow the dog-walker, not the dog.

That bit of wisdom modeled the core message delivered by Paul Christian and Michael Antonelli of Baird Wealth Management at our Fall Luncheon.

But in the markets,

Who’s the dog? and,

Who’s the dog walker?

The answers came in a series of points:

Those are easy to remember even for those of us well into that long term.

Our thanks to Paul and Mike for passing along their message.


Speaking of long term, we were joined by Cliff Copass, a new member that I haven’t seen in quite some time. It was great to re-connect with Cliff.



Best wishes to all, hope to see you at the next luncheon – the Winter Luncheon 2020. We can warm up over lunch and a few stories.

Submitted by:
Jude Anders, Editor





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