Fall Luncheon Milwaukee, 2013

October 17, 2013

We had good participation at our Fall Luncheon, over 50 members and guests. Yes, ‘guests’, you can do that you know. Ron Sansone, Mike Kostiuk, and Greg Jennings joined us as guests. It was good to see them again. Hope they return soon.

Dennis Janisse was our featured speaker with presentation “Prevent Falls: Common Sense/Simple Things to Consider.” Dennis described the causes and impact of falls on people each year. Many of us had personal experiences with those. It soon became clear this is an issue for all age groups, but of particular importance as we get older.

A few of those simple things related to how we fit and buy shoes. Forget the shoe size, there is no standard! Get your shoe fitting done professionally. Try this, put your bare foot on a piece of paper and draw an outline around it. Then put your favorite shoe over the outline. If you can see the line, the shoe is too narrow. How simple is that?

On a personal note, Dennis gave us an update on Norm and Carolyn. They are both at Tudor Oaks and could not attend the luncheon. We sent our best wishes to them.


Reunion 2014 —  Save the Date!

September 27, 2014

Save the date! Make plans to be in Milwaukee for Reunion 2014. Plans are being made for a great time – watch for updates on WSJSociety.com.


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Speaker Dennis Janisse

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Dennis Janisse

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Dennis’ Exhibits

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Dennis Miller

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Ron Sansone


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Mike Kostiuk


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Greg Jennings