Joe Bartoletti – Remembering Sharlene

September 10, 2013

Sharlene-Reunion 2010

Sharlene at Reunion 2010

Sharlene Wardinski is remembered in Milwaukee as the nice person she was.

Few in Milwaukee realize the saintly esteem that the field organization held for Sharlene. She was the “go to” person when someone was in trouble … lead time may have been extended well beyond when a critical item was needed, a job changed (and just possibly someone somehow had forgotten to order) … Time and time again she’d work her magic, finding a solution and saving someone from an angry contractor dependent upon our timely installation. And she’d do it in her soft gentle manner without accusation or incrimination.

Move over those of you in Johnson’s Pantheon of Greats. There’s a lady deserving of some space.