Scott Jamieson on the Cosmos!

June 10, 2014

Back in March, when the series “Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey” was about to start on FOX, you may have caught Scott Jamieson on TV. He was interviewed by TV6 as an expert on astronomy for his thoughts on the new series.

Now, you may have known Scott as an electronics design expert – gas ignition systems, thermostats and the like. Or, you may have known his love for flying. But did you know that he is the President of the Milwaukee Astronomical Society? And do they ever have a fantastic facility in New Berlin. Check out their website at:

Scott has been involved with the Society for 24 years – that’s good preparation time for an activity in retirement.

By the way, Scott will be with us at Reunion 2014 to share his experiences with the stars as a special exhibit of “Ambassadors for Lifelong Engagement.”

Don’t miss that!