Spring Luncheon 2013, Milwaukee

April 18, 2013

Yes, it didn’t feel like Spring, but on April 18th, 65 of our members gathered at Alioto’s to update each other on Winter-time activities and at least think about Spring!

Our first time attendees were Jim Charewicz and Jim Greevers, great to see them again!

After lunch, we were treated to a fantastic dose – 216 images – of “The Public Gardens of Wisconsin” displayed in their full seasonal splendor. Our virtual tour was presented, with personal insights added, by local landscape architect Dennis Buettner. Dennis gave us many special insights, what to look for in the gardens and urged us to experience them in all four seasons.

Check them out for yourself, you can’t go wrong. Here’s the list:

And, Dennis added a few for additional investigation:

Enjoy your summer – get out to enjoy the gardens in your area!

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Jim Charewicz & Jim Greevers

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Dennis Buettner, Landscape Architect

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