Spring Luncheon 2017

May 17, 2017


Working on the railroad … a great time!

How about working on a vintage railroad … after retiring … as a volunteer?

Better yet,

What if your son came home with a proposition … let’s buy a railroad, operate it as a non-profit with all volunteer staff … and have lots of fun?

That’s what Ryan Jonas, our speaker, and President of the East Troy Railroad Museum proposed to his mom and dad, John and Lisa Jonas. John is a JCI employee by the way and Lisa is a volunteer on the railroad.

Ryan Jonas President of the East Troy Railroad Museum

And per Ryan’s presentation at our Spring Luncheon on April 20th, they have indeed had lots of fun … with lots of very hard work … for the enjoyment of all who visit them in East Troy.

John, Ryan, & Lisa Jonas — happy family!




Motormen Steve & Jerry — looking sharp!

They enjoy it so much that Steve Thomas and Jerry Doran have joined them. They are officially working on the railroad in their retirement, as volunteers, and enjoying it all, so much so, they even came to the luncheon in their uniforms – really looked sharp!

What a great bunch of people! And, what a great story. I’m thinking that Ryan could succeed at just about anything he set his mind to take on. Mom and Dad have good reason to be proud.

To get in on the fun – Ryan mentioned several times that there are openings for volunteers – or just to enjoy a ride on the railroad, checkout their website: http://www.easttroyrr.org/ – How about a Pizza Train? – and lots more!

To top it all off, we had two new members at the luncheon, Alan Zajac and Jim Erdmann. It was great to see them again.

Will we see you at the Summer Luncheon?


Jude Anders, VP Communications