Summer Luncheon, 2015 — Work

September 4, 2015

Man at Work, Grohmann Museum, WI

Grohmann Museum, MSOE Campus

This has been a great summer in the Milwaukee area. Cool nights, warm and sunny days and few damaging storms, lots of festivals, it’s been fantastic.

The Summer Luncheon, on July 16th, fit the same mold – a great time. Our speaker, James Kieselburg, Director of the Grohmann Museum at the Milwaukee School of Engineering introduced us to the very unique art collection at the Grohmann – “Man at Work.”

From early agriculture, to the first steel mills, and on to modern factories, the art shows men and women through the ages at work. Oh, and through September 13th, the museum is featuring “Carl Spitzweg in Milwaukee” – he’s known as the German Norman Rockwell. This collection has both artists’ version of “The Bookworm” – really neat to see!

James Kieselburg

James Kieselburg

The story behind the museum is as fantastic as the art. This was all donated – building, art, operations, everything – by Dr Eckhart Grohmann. Dr Grohmann, believes that all engineers should be exposed to art. Classes are scheduled in rooms at the museum just to make sure that happens. James made a note of his appreciation that faculty and students are actively engaged in the art at the Grohmann.

This is one of the ‘must see’ locations in Milwaukee and with regular special exhibits you’ll want to come back often.



C Sakac -- J Doran

Catherine Sakac & Jerry Doran



We were fortunate to have several first-time participants at the luncheon, Catherine Sakac and Jerry Doran joined us. We hope this was the first of many times to come.




Part of the agenda included a vote by members present on membership eligibility and a change in the name of the society. This was led by President Gene Strehlow. See Gene’s President’s Message for the detail. And, please spread the word about the changes.


Submitted by: Jude Anders, VP Communications


P.S. Here are a few pictures I took on past visits to the Grohmann. They show art embedded in the building.

Theme statement in the entrance tower . . .

Grohmann 07 032 (1024x683)

Mosaic on Work

Man at Work, Grothmann Museum, WI

People of Science


Several stained glass windows in the lobby . . .


Man at Work, Grothmann Museum, WI

Family Harvest



Man at Work, Grothmann Museum, WI

Barrel Making












Man at Work, Grothmann Museum, WI

Collaboration failure












And, don’t forget to visit the garden on the roof . . .

Man at Work, Grothmann Museum, WI

More men and women at work

Man at Work, Grothmann Museum, WI

And a great view of downtown