Update from Lou & Jackie Davit

September 10, 2013

Life is good for this JCI retiree. My wife, Jackie, and I were busy this summer revamping the shrubbery and deck at our home. Good outside hard work.

We’re rewarding ourselves with a trip to Jackson Hole, WY to visit with our son, Chris in early September, then to St. Louis for a family reunion. Also have a three-week trip to Europe planned for November to visit family and friends.

One friend is Dominic Limpens and his wife Michelle who live in Brussels. Dominic was here in Milwaukee in training at JCI in 1974, learning the sales and service “ins and outs” of our HVAC controls. His father owned a large HVAC firm in Brussels and was a friend of Fred Brengel. Their first daughter, Noelle, was born here and I was her proxy Godfather. Dominic was quite a tennis player and was #1 in our JCI club.

I’m glad for our robust retiree group and the good interesting newsletter. Keep up the good work!