What’s New at JohnsonControls.com?

January 9, 2016

Just about everything!

With the start of the new year, Johnson Controls put a very new face on JohnsonControls.com. It reflects the new directions of the company; and, it’s presented with up-to-date graphic design that supports all devices, mobile to desktop. It really looks good.

Be aware that this a mobile-first design. It’s made for scrolling with your finger, but you can do that with your mouse too. Pages are longer that the first screen, so scroll down at each page view. Also, in good Windows 10 form, clicking on the Menu ‘hamburger’ here in the top right corner produces a pop-out listing of the contents of the website. And, clicking on that little ‘magnifying glass’ icon will produce a search line to explore the site through search.


Well, what do you think? Looks good doesn’t it? I particularly like the presentation of stories on the Insights page, lots of pictures and easy to scan down the stories to select the ones of interest to me. Now, if we could figure out how to do that on our News page . . .

If you looked for the “Our Retirees” page with its link to WSJSociety.com that was in the old site, you found it’s not there. I’ve contacted a few people to help develop some options for making our site more readily available. So, that problem is a solution in progress for now.

However a search for ‘retiree’ does return the “Philanthropy and Social Responsibility” page. At the bottom of that page, in the last bullet line of the Johnson Controls Foundation list is a link to the Education and Arts Matching Gift Program. Clicking on that link will download a PDF of the application form for you to use.

The new location of the form has also been updated on the Learn/Resources/Company_Resources page here at .WSJSociety.com.

There are other links from WSJSociety.com to the old website that are now broken — they don’t work anymore or will take you to some other destination than originally intended. We’ll be working on updating those. It would help if you pass along any broken links you encounter, just send an email to Help@WSJSociety.com Include the name of the broken link and its location (page).

Thanks for your help, and enjoy browsing JohnsonControls.com.

Jude Anders