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May 15, 2018

What’s New @ WSJSociety.com?

Remember Monitoring the Field?

That’s the newsletter Field Engineering created and published from 1957 through January 1991. It was 12 issues a year of the front line story of Johnson Controls Systems and Services Division, SSD with several name changes along the way even back then.

Well, thanks to President Gene Strehlow and his trusty scanner, we have some of those issues right here on WSJSociety.com. They are placed on the Johnson Controls Timeline in order of their original publication date. Here’s what we have so far:

1971 – 6 issues
1972 – 12 issues
1981 – 12 issues
1990 – 12 issues
1991 – January issue, the farewell.

You can find them directly on WSJSociety.com by entering the word Monitor in the search box that’s on the top of every page on the site.

We hope you enjoy them. When I’ve read through issues, I come away with themes that are important today – a team of people working together, serving customers, solving problems, and enjoying the journey together.

There are stories here that offer lessons for today’s entrepreneurs as well as executives who have major challenges attracting and keeping talented people in today’s environment of intense global competition for talent. And, of course, I enjoy remembering the people I knew and the things we did together.

Enjoy the journey,

Jude Anders
Editor, WSJSociety.com