2020 Plans are Available

October 16, 2019

It appears that the 2020 healthcare plan offerings are loaded on the Mercer Marketplace 365+/JCI website. I visited the site this morning to do another trial run, i.e.  Shop & Compare/ Medical Plans in preparation for our re-scheduled consultation session. I’ve done this several times before with only the 2019 plans available just to get familiar with the process and how healthcare plans are structured and priced.

Yesterday, October 15th was the first day for enrollment. I visited the site expecting to see the 2020 plans, but only the 2019 plans were available.  That may be the reason they cancelled our consultation sessions that we had set up for today. The 2020 plans are there now. There appears to be a few corrections to be made yet, e.g. the ‘?’ links in the plans I viewed did not work for me this morning. They should pop up an explanation of the related item, but did nothing. Also in a few plans I investigated, the Search for Pharmacy link also did not work.

However, I was able to do my test run with the new plans. I found that there is an additional Advantage Plan available in my area, now five in total; sixteen Medical Supplement Plans; with fifteen total ‘Best Fit’ suggestions. These are all the subject for our discussion with the consultant on October 24th. We have our list of prescriptions and doctors ready and, we’re compiling a list of our coverage expectations and question for the consultation.

I’ll probably spend some more time going over these, getting ready, but not today! It’s cool outside, but no rain. I can do some good yard work and let this all soak in a bit.

Let us know how you are doing in the Open Forum Group, or just drop me an email at (jra4128@gmail.com).

We are indeed better together!

Jude Anders
Editor, WSJSociety.com