Checkout the Front Page

Progress Board We’re on the way!

It took a bit longer than I expected, but I guess that’s the way with coding!

The Hub has been expanded and created with a new format to make it more friendly. Also, checkout the Front Page for our new, expanded coverage of news. We hit two items on our Progress Board (click on the image view the Progress Board) at once here, creating a more interesting display of stories, and expanding coverage. The News column, with its list of linked titles, is still there. Its now the Archive of News stories that originated here at The stories are all there for your reference or to catch up on what’s been happening at the WSJ Society.

Both The Hub and Front Page are smartphone friendly – try them out on your tablet or smartphone. The display adjusts to the device you are using.

OK, so now we would like you to help out. We need you to let us know your reaction to the changes. Are they of value to you? Do you like them? What could we change to make it better?

Send a Message to the Editor via Join the Discussion to give us your thoughts.


Jude Anders, Editor