From the Editor August 2014

WOW! Did August fly by. Paula and I spent several weeks in our first job — grandma and grandpa. We had our toddler and our teen+ grandkids here for several weeks. The latter came with a boyfriend and girlfriend. It was a great time, but a lot of work.  We don’t get to spend much time with them. The younger ones live in Hong Kong and the older ones, were in Urbana, IL. Now, they are off to college and a new job. So, this was short and intense.

The payoff is fantastic though. Within a week, our 5-year old granddaughter sent us a package from Hong Kong with cards she made and lots of hearts she colored and cutout. The message was clear “Grandpa I miss you, I love you.” Of course grandma got one too. That’s worth a few weeks of chaos!

Now back to work! We have a reunion to enjoy. By now you have all received a mailing and the Fall Newsletter with information on Reunion 2014. This is our 25th Anniversary. We’re going to spend some time catching up with each other and the company; and some time to consider just where the WSJ Society might set its direction for the next 25 years. We’ve extended our invitation to candidates for membership, folks still in-career, to help us with that challenge. Here’s a link to that information in case you misplaced it. Reunion 2014

Look for more stories and information on Reunion 2014. I’ll be adding it regularly. I’ll add a link on The Hub to help you find it.

We’re all looking forward to seeing you at Reunion 2014!

Jude Anders, Editor