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January 9, 2016/Updated January 17, 2016

WSJ Society Business Model/ Current Practice

Note: All the documents referenced here are available at the project page: Update/ Project Page

The first step in our lean startup process will be to develop a common understanding of the current practice and member experience with the WSJ Society. We’ll do that by creating a Business Model Canvas i.e. filling in the nine boxes of a blank canvas.

We’ll need to make some adjustments in creating the canvas to reflect our purpose as a non-profit in service to its membership, but that should not be too difficult. Just remember, our members are our customers and go from there.

Introduction to Business Model Canvas lists the elements we need to address with a set of questions listed for each element to help with your answers. Also, check out this video, Business Model Canvas Explained.  It’s a 2 minute introduction to the business model canvas.

(Double-Click on the lower right corner to see the video in full screen. Hit the ‘esc’  key to get back here.)

Information to help complete the canvas is included in WSJ Society/ Current Practice and Experience. It’s a compilation of facts and member views that have been captured over the last several years.

Please don’t feel constrained by this summary. Your experience may be different, and I may have it all wrong. Please feel free to correct my mistakes and use your experience. However, for now, let’s focus on the society and member experiences as they exist today. We’ll deal with our options for the future after we have a good picture of our current situation.

So, with that introduction. Why not give it a shot? You can download the materials at: Update/ Project Page

Work on the canvas directly, or just make a list for each element and send your ideas via email to me at We may be able to get this going with more collaborative tools, but, for now, let’s keep it simple. You send your ideas and I’ll post them for all to see.

I will also start a discussion in the Group Open Forum. To participate you will need to login, but that will allow everyone to see and comment on your ideas. (If you have logged-in, that link will take you directly to the Open Forum.)

Finally, to keep track of our progress, I’ll also post on-going updates to:

It is also available for you to view or download at: Update/ Project Page

The notebook will also allow members to catch up and join in the project any time along the line. Let’s see what works best for you.

Regards to all,

Jude Anders