From the Editor/ Check the Website Design Review

February 13, 2016

Website screen captureWith some diligent work — at least I think so — we have a summary of the current design of website You can check it out at Update/ Project Page. It may seem a bit  technical for some, but don’t worry, we can work through it.

In the process some broken links were found and a few features just didn’t seem to work. There were also some places where I screwed up — didn’t know what I was doing. That’s the way these things go. There is always a way to correct those types of problems and it’s sort of fun to find a better way.

The next task is to go over the value propositions to find some an need where our current solution comes up short. After a quick look at Google Analytics to find a suitable performance measure we’ll propose a new approach and set up a trial.

Where do you think we could improve the website?

Jude Anders

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