From the Editor/ New Johnson Controls Website

January 8, 2016

Time to start a new year and we have a couple of bumps in the road.

I was about to post the first step in WSJ Society/ Business Model when my computer disk crashed. That’s a first for me, but I did have a backup and only lost about a week’s work. I’ve reconstructed that and am starting the new year with a new appreciation for backing up my work. I will have that post ready and up for you in a few days. It includes an introduction to the Business Model Canvas and a fact sheet on the WSJ Society we can use to construct an “as is” business model. Please look for it and join in the discussion.

Another bump, yesterday Stan Stephenson sent an email about finding the link to from the new Johnson Controls website, same address,, but entirely new content and presentation. Check it out, they really did a good job in updating the company story and its presentation. The presentation reflects today’s web standards for graphic design and a ‘mobile first’ approach that ensures everyone has a good experience on their smart phone.

However, the “Our Retirees” page missed the cut as did the link to Also, the links on to the old site are broken — mostly they aren’t there anymore. I’ll be working to restore them where I can or send you to a new reference point if there is one. Please continue your patience with me in the time being, but don’t hesitate to let me know of a broken link I’ve missed. Your email to will help me find them.

I did find the new location for the Education and Arts Matching Gift Program form. It is on the Philanthropy and Social Responsibility page, part of the Johnson Controls Foundation list. Or, you can just download the PDF by clicking on the title in that first sentence above.

OK, we are starting 2016 with a couple of bumps, but that’s part of making progress. We can handle them. I am looking forward to a good year working with all of you. Let’s see were we can take 2016!


Jude Anders