I think that it’s time for some fun.

You may have found the “Who do you know?” collection in the Photo Gallery. It contains a selection of photos submitted by members recalling their career experiences at Johnson Controls. Selected photos from the collection are featured on the Front Page also. The current featured photo is of a certain former Sunday School teacher, loved and respected by all, who had ‘open door’  access to anyone in the building at 507 — especially anyone on executive row. Check it out.

That photo is taken from the July, 1971 issue of Monitoring the Field. There was some concern when we started the “Who do you know?” collection that it may grow very slowly. Well, Gene, our president, stepped up to help as he often does. Gene has the Monitoring the Field issues back to July 1971 and he started to scan them to share with all of us. Now, along with the pictures that you send to us, we have those we can cut from Monitoring the Field.

Oh, and since we have the entire issue, we’ll publish them as part of our version of the Johnson Controls Timeline, placing them on the date of their original publication.  You can find them by doing a search on for example, try: “Monitoring the Field“. New issues will be added regularly, so check back often. (Update: As of June 3rd,  6 issues, June through December 1971, are now available.)

Now, the idea here is to enjoy recalling those experiences from the past, not to dwell on it. Maybe you’ll recall something you learned along the way that will help you take on today’s challenges. One thing I take away in thinking about that former Sunday School teacher … there’s a lot of satisfaction in helping others along their way.

We would dearly like to expand the collection to include member experiences at Corporate and all of the business units past and present that have contributed the wealth of our shared career experiences at JCI. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have one of those treasure troves.

I hope you enjoy the photos and issues —

Jude Anders, Editor
(email:, Ph: 414.351.1229)

P.S. Here’s a link to our first issue: Monitoring the Field v15 no 6