From the Editor/ Vision/Forward #1: Begin Here . . .

The Society today . . . What do we do well?

Last Update: March 13, 2015

The WSJ Society is a social group of people who share career experience at Johnson Controls. We have over 530 members and benefit from a very good relationship with Johnson Controls. The society has been in existence for 25 years. For more detail, check this WSJ Society Summary. At this time the society is engaging in an exploration of opportunities for its future. Let’s call it Vision/Forward, an exploration into what’s possible.

Some research on the web reveals how other companies and their retirees are addressing their opportunity. There are many ‘corporate alumni networks.’ One source noted that LinkedIn hosts over 118,000, but that most have little or no relationship with their company. There are other sites with a very different view. The Intel Retiree Organization cites “sharing, caring, connecting” as its vision; Microsoft Alumni Net has “connect, share, succeed . . . support our growing community in all its personal, professional, and philanthropic endeavors.”

There is quite a spectrum of models available. What’s best for the WSJ Society and Johnson Controls? That depends upon you.What do you think should be our direction for the future? Let’s start with what your experiences. As a member, in your opinion:

Please send your ideas to help move us along in a good direction — see contact info below.

Vision/Forward” will replace “From the Editor” on as we develop our Vision/Forward. I’ll report on your responses and other research results from this page. So please check back. Each page of Vision/Forward will be used to address a topic of value to our discussion. They will be updated as the discussion of the topic develops, so check back to each topic of interest to you.

Thanks for sharing your views,

Jude Anders

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