From the Editor/ Vision/Forward Responses

May 19, 2015

Responses received to the request for your thoughts as posted online and in the last issue of the Newsletter included the following:

What has the society done well? – Here’s how Dave Bigler put it: “You have kept us informed about the comings and goings of most of our group. I know it is tough to get people to send news to you or Erica but keep on trying. It is very interesting for me to read of who is doing what. I might like to see a bit more news of how JCI is doing. I get some of it from retirees and the news publications but I suspect that many of the group don’t have that kind of network.”

When were you most proud? – Dave and Lou Davit mentioned personal and team accomplishments in their careers at Johnson Controls as a source of pride, the ability to get things done. That feeling of pride continues with the achievements of current employees.

What do you value most? – Responses here were varied. Lasting friendships developed over careers were mentioned as was access to resources to prepare for a rewarding retirement.

That’s it so far, ‘continued connection’, ‘accomplishment’, ‘personal relationships’, and ‘resources’. A good start, I think, but we would like to hear from more members to help us set a direction forward for the WSJ Society. What do you think?

Please send your response. Use the Help link on, or email, or give me a call at (414) 351-1229. Also, check for updates on our progress.

Thanks for sharing your views,
Jude Anders