What a year, and, ‘miles to go’!

Here we are, a full year of pandemic behind us and more to come.

I hope you and those dear to you are doing well. My prayers go out to all who have lost someone to COVID-19 or to the many ways it has created damage to people and our society.

On the other hand, there are many examples of people who have stood out to contribute to our well-being in the face of the pandemic. We each will carry memories of those people in this second year of pandemic as well as when we recount our experiences in future years.

The pandemic has been hard on seniors for sure. But this morning I’m thinking about the students who have certainly had to adjust their lives. At a neighborhood ZOOM session this week, the Mayor of Glendale recalled that the students of Nicolet High School stepped up to work the polls at last year’s election, needed to replace those seniors who did need to stay safe at home. And there are those news stories about the girl whose lemonade stand went viral, or the boy who has been collecting food for distribution to those who desperately need help — examples for all of us!

And, of course, many schools have gone ‘virtual’ a major and abrupt change in their academic life. We did receive a resource suggestion from two students,  Mary and Jennifer at LearningHaven.orgwho thought we might be interested in a website they found:

  Home Security: Keeping Seniors Safe at Home.

Thanks, Mary and Jennifer for thinking of us. It’s those many little things that will set us on the right path forward.

So maybe that’s it for this morning. My last Message from the Editor before the pandemic was about finding the good we each can do — and do it. I’ve seen a lot of that in this past year. Yet, we do have miles to go before this is over. We have vaccines, but even with them, we will all need to follow the CDC guidelines for some time to beat this virus and start the healing it has caused in our society.

Please all, take care of each other, and lend a hand where you can.