It’s time to “Do Lunch”

It’s time to “Do Lunch”

As you can see from this (and prior) newsletters, we are back to having our normal quarterly luncheons at Alioto’s.  These are normally the third Thursdays of January, April, July and October.  Attendance is quite consistent at about 40 retirees and spouses, and we typically have a speaker on some topic of interest to our group of retirees. The parking is good, the access is easy, the timing is mid-day, and the food is fine (although not the primary reason for coming).

If you haven’t been there for a while, or you don’t think you will see some familiar faces, why not contact two or three fellow retirees (and spouses) and agree to meet there for lunch?  We all have a few of those past associates that we last told “We should do this more often – we’ll have to get around to it again”.  If your group is a bunch of snow-birds that go south for the winter, pick a July or October luncheon.  If the group is too busy in summer, or “Up North” at the cottage, come in January or April. Whatever suits your group’s lifestyle.  With a little bit of effort on your part you can make this a regular annual gathering, and you don’t have to arrange any of the details.  Maybe you had a group that just doesn’t quite have the needed “critical mass”, or “organizer” to keep prior gatherings happening.  Just agree on which luncheon to meet at.

It doesn’t matter which division or unit of the company your group is from.  There is plenty of room.  If you get enough to fill most of a table (typically set for 6 or 8) you can sit together and catch up with each other for the whole time.  We’re done by 2:00, but Alioto’s has a public bar/lounge that you could use to continue on, if desired. If someone needs a hotel room there are a few of those just down the road in the Mayfair area.

I have crossed paths with a number of fellow retirees in other settings over the years.  It may have been a public gathering, an ASHRAE event, or the funeral of one of our members.  In most cases, especially those with a larger number of retirees, the prevalent expression is that it’s good to reconnect, and a desire to do so more often.  I offer up this regular luncheon schedule as a way to do so.  We’ve been doing this for longer than I believe most of our current members have been involved, and hopefully that will continue.  It just may take a bit of contact by you – with those you know – to make it work best for you.  Leaving it purely up to chance may leave you with fewer connections.

Hope to see you soon.  Let’s “Do Lunch”