Fall 2021 Notes


I hope that each of your lives is getting to a new state of normal as most of us get our vaccines. This new normal may not be quite the same as before, but life goes on, and adjustments are always required. Hopefully we don’t have a second round of the new Delta Covid that sets us up for another fall/winter like last year, only time will tell.

We had a fairly normal turnout (30+) for our July luncheon in Alioto’s tent behind their building. The weather was great and all went well. Members were able to socialize, both before and after the meal was served. It was closer to an outdoor picnic than in indoor event.

We have decided to move forward with the Oct. 21 luncheon. It will be indoors since it is rather late in the season to depend on the weather cooperating, and the tent may be down by then. As an indoor event, we will be able to have a guest speaker, which was not something Alioto’s could set up outdoors. As this is being written in early Sept. there are no current Covid restrictions in place at Alioto’s. That could change between now and our luncheon date. As with the July luncheon, if you are not yet comfortable coming to an indoor gathering, this may not be for you just yet. The Covid situation will continue to evolve and we will try to change with it.

On a different topic, I am aware that Johnson Controls has again approached some retirees with an offer to buy out their pension. They seem to do this periodically to a limited group based on their year of retirement. To the best of my knowledge this time it applied to those who retired in 2006 or later. I have not heard from anyone outside of that retirement range that had received the offer. Some, but not all, have decided to take that option and manage their own nest egg instead of receiving the monthly pension check. Everybody’s situation is different.

I’ll not be at the Oct 21 luncheon, since it’s my turn to walk down the cancer road and see a surgeon shortly before the luncheon, to remove the bad stuff. He says I’ll still be recovering for several weeks. So I pray that all goes well, and I will see several of you at a future luncheon.