How You Doin?

March 12, 2019

What’s the latest on your—-< __fill in the blank__> ?

auto restoration —bad knee —grandkids —golf game —summer trip —old hobby —medical insurance —————-famous recipe —social security —investments —spouse —gardening —vacation rental — —————————–part time job — reading list —hearing aid —etc., etc.

Have you heard from < _Bob/Sue lately >?

Is < _Joe_ > still in Florida?

How is < _Pete_ > after the cancer?

Did you get a deer this season?

Do any of these topics sound like something you would like to compare notes with someone you spent 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 years getting to know at JCI? In our working years we had many opportunities to keep in touch with our “Work Family”. Sometimes it was just to keep in touch as a friend, sometimes it was to bounce ideas or questions off others in a similar situation, to get input as you wrestle with an issue. Your WSJ Society luncheon is a quarterly version of those non-work discussions we used to do on a daily or weekly basis. We typically have 40-50 people at the luncheons . While nobody knows everybody there, everybody knows somebody, and so will you.

Still working?

When I was considering retirement, I had questions about what that life style would be like, and would I loose contact with many of those that I knew during my decades with JCI. When asked what I would miss the most in retirement, my answer was “I’ll miss all the people at JCI”. The WSJ Society can bridge some of that gap you may also be thinking of. Or it can be a group of individuals to pose some of those retirement questions to.

Come to a luncheon (April 18, or some future one) and compare notes on these topics, or any of the 101 I didn’t think to add above. If these luncheons don’t fit your schedule or location, send us a note to let us know how you are doing on any topic you like. It’s not quite as good as 2-way communications – but it’s better than silence . . . …..